Simple Session 2014

Every time I've been on an airplane I seem to get sick, and it was no difference this time. On Saturday in Estonia my throat started to hurt and on Sunday when I woke up I was feeling like a bag of potatoes. Other than that our trip was great! We stayed at a nice and cosy apartment hotel that was close to both Old Town and the City Centre. We could take a bus straight to the competition, and we spent all Saturday and Sunday there. I'm still having BMX and skate fever, and watch clips over and over again.
Now I'm just waiting to feel better. I've been in bed the last few days and missed uni. I'm still really bad but I do feel like yesterday was worse, so maybe I'll try to do some uni work at home. I cancelled my Zumba class as well, which really feels bad because I know how much some of the students enjoy it. Well well, next week...
Haha btw, I put this first picture twice by accident, but I can't manage to remove it...


Selfie Day Every Day

Okay, so term two started off with a Management class yesterday and Business and Finance today. I barely understood the introduction on Finance as I left for work after only 45 minutes, but I'll try to catch up by reading the course books for next week. 
A few years ago when I was still teaching in Sweden I thought about opening up my own dance business. I don't mean that I was going to build my own studio and have it as a full time career, but just have my own classes and rent a place. It would have given me both more money, and given me the right to decide everything. Anyway, the thing is that I've started to think about doing this again, here in London! If I would rent a studio maybe in a school, a few hours a week and maybe have jazz classes for children and zumba for adults?
Ellis is really good at making websites, and I think I'm gonna start off with that. When the website id up I would need some pictures and videos up there, and those I could work on this spring. Ellis is studying digital film production so he could help me with that as well. His mum (who has her own yoga courses) and one of my teachers in uni could help me with all the legal things, and then I could start advertisinc at the end of the summer and start classes in September. How good isn't that? We'll see what happens, but I think this would be a good way of financing my living here :) 
Tomorrow morning we're leaving for Tallinn and Simple Sessions. Before that I wanted to show you the crazy selfie thing that we (okay: that I) started! I'm gonna collect selfies and make a collage......

Catch up

I should get a price for the worst blogger ever. When was the last time I wrote here? I can't even remember. Anyway. I spent a week in Sweden a few weeks ago and got the worst flu ever the first day. I was sick for the whole week and didn't have energy to study much for the exam week. Exams are over, I failed accounting but hopefully passed the other ones. 
Last weekend was probably the first when I haven't been stressed at all. I've been sleeping, going to belly dance classes and just spent time with E at home. After a lot of rain the weather finally was on our side and we spent some time outside, walking in central and South Bank. I feel like a new person after this weekend, and suddenly I feel like I have energy to do things.
On my birthday we went to Zizzi's to eat pizza and then watched 12 years a slave in the cinema. I got tickets to Billy Elliott the musical as a present, and we went to see it a few days after. Words can't even describe how amazing it was... :') Made me wonder why I never became a musical artist. On Valentine's Day we just stayed home. The weather was horrible but I made breakfast and E cooked dinner. We watched movies all night and had a very cosy night in. 
Today we're starting a new term with a new timetable. I barely have any morning classes which is both good and bad I guess. I kind of like mornings and waking up early, and I study a lot better in the mornings so I will have a lot of time to work on assignments. I just don't know how much fun it is to stay in Uni until 6 p.m, but I can't really complain. I just need to figure out what to do with Zumba. I have Zumba & Finance at the same time... We'll see.
On Friday we're finally going to Estonia and Simple Session! My bestie Sara is coming from Sweden as well, and we've rented an apartment for three days. It's gonna be so nice to just change environment for a while, spend time with my favourites and watch the competition :)


I dropped my UK phone in the sink the other day, and today my Swedish stopped working while I was trying to call my mum. It's like... how can two phones break on the same week? I'm a lot more poorer now after buying a new phone, but hoping for this job that I applied for. It is at a dance studio, and I went to an interview earlier this this. It weent good, but she was interviewing 24 others as well, and only one gets the job! Well well... You never know :)

Dance and Memories

Somebody who always supports me and shows me that she is there for me is a girl I just to teach dance to. Something that really makes me impressed is when these people who I know has been through a lot still has the energy to be there for others, who almost want to fix your problems even though they have much more serious things on their minds. When I felt stressed the most,she talked me through it,and she also sent me a link of a video. The video was recorded a few years ago, when I still used to teach dance in my home town. I still think the girls were amazing (it was only semester three!), but I don't know how good my coreography skills were, haha. However, I've watched this video over and over again. It puts a smile on my face and wants to make me cry. It was the best job I ever had, it was the nicest group ever and we really had that family feeling. I miss you girls, and I really hope to see all of you again at some point :)
I would have posted the video here, if it didn't say error -.- :)

Exams & Birthdays

Hi fellas.
If I only wrote on here a little more often I probably could avoid this two hour posts that you have to go through.I don't know why I never have time to update, but it's just a lot of other stuff that feels more important, and I'm still thinking about starting a Swedish blog again so it doesn't feel necessary to write anymore. At the same time I have so much to say. I have always liked writing, will always do.
Last Friday we finally moved. After all the problems, stress and sleepless nights I felt like I was in heaven when we finally got the keys to our new house. It's an old victorian house made into four apartments, and we have the top floor. There is a living room, kitchen, bedroom and a large bathroom. We also have one little room as extra space to store things. The day after we moved I went to Sweden, and I'm still here so I'll show you pictures once I'm back home again.However, I'm really happy with the new place and it really feels like a huge problem has been solved.
As soon as I came to Sweden I got a bad flu. I can't breathe, taste food or sleep... nothing really works. At the same time I need to study for the exams so bad, as they are taking place next week. Yesterday I started to realise how much it is that we have to know, and how impossible it is to learn all that. First of all we don't have time to find all the information, and second... how are we supposed to remember it all? It just doesn't work. Today I'm gonna try to sort out what's most important and then study from there.
I've spent a few evenings with my friend Sara. On Saturday night she came over for a couple of hours, and yesterday we went to the cinema and had a sleepover. I've also had some relatives over this weekend since it's my birthday on Friday. I can't believe I'm gonna be 23! Feels like I was 16 only weeks ago... Anyway, Sara got me really nice Hello Kitty headphones and then I got some belly dance things that she was supposed to give me like last summer but always forgot, haha :)
From my dance studio I got a free class which I'm really happy for! I missed class this week and  will miss another when we go to Estonia. Luckily I could reschedule those weeks, so I can take double classes the weeks after. This Saturday I'm supposed to go to a workshop with Hossam & Serena Ramzy(!) so I really hope this flu goes away before that.
Next week I am going for a job interview! I applied for a reception job at a dance studio, and they emailed me last night and said that hundreds of people applied, but that they were happy with my CV and wanted me to come for a short interview. If I get through the short one I'll get invited to a longer and more detailed interview... They will see mayeb 20 people, and only one gets the job so I guess my chances aren't too good, but I'm gonna do my best!

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