Friday again. The weeks go so incredibly fast which is both good and bad. I feel stressed because of everything that had to be done, but it makes me happy when I realise that I'll be home in exactly three weeks. We're all so tired of uni work now, that we really do need a break. I really hope that we don't need to do any work on the christmas break, because I just want to think and do other things. Get some new energy. 

Anyway, I went for my interview today. First they asked us some questions, then we did a practical assesment (opening bottles, pouring champagne, setting and clearing tables), and then we finished of with a written test. I guess I did pretty okay, because they emailed me and said that my interview was successful only a couple of hours after :) hopefully I can start working soon! 

I'm also a victim of a flu. I've felt horrible all day, and I think I'll be even worse tomorrow. I can't even study, and I have so much to do... 


I'm struggling so much with Uni work right now.I have been working so hard on everything lately, really tried to do my best, but I just end up with bad results anyway. My biggest problem is the language I think. I mean, I don't have any problems understanding at classes or anything, but when we have to do our assignments I misunderstand what we are supposed to do sometimes, and when I'm Writing my work there are always some details that I miss to write because I didn't understand them in my research. I knew it was going to hard, English was one of my weakest subjects in school, but I didn't know it would be this hard. I got some good grades, but when I get these bad ones it's like a slap in the face. So much time, so much efford, but it's just not good enough.
I know complaining won't help at all, I just have to do it better next time. But what happens if it stays like that? I feel so disappointed of myself, which makes me lose motivation and writing the next one becomes harder. It's like I'm scared of writing anything at all, because I keep thinking that it's probably gonna be wrong. A couple of weeks ago I started to think about doing a degree, which means I'd have to study for two more years after this diploma. How am I gonna manage that if what I do just isn't enough?
Right now I'm just trying not to think too much. In Three weeks we'll have our christmas break, and a week before that my mama is coming. And before that Ellis and I have our anniversary! Which means, that's next week. December 5th is our day, but since I just started working last week I can't take a day off already, so we just decided that we're gonna celebrate it on Friday 6th instead. Friday is always better than Thursday.
Speaking of Fridays. This Friday I have a job interview! Like I wrote a couple of days ago, I applied for a waitress job, and they phoned me today. First they asked some questions over the phone, and then invited me to a three hour interview(!) on Friday. She sent me an email with the dresscode, so I had to go shopping today, haha. We have to wear formal black trousers, and a long sleeved white shirt. I have never been to a job interview this serious, haha. I probably haven't even worn a shirt.... Well, we'll se how that goes.

Zumba & other jobs

Okay, so I finally started to work last Wednesday. It is only one zumba class/week, but it's better than nothing. I haven't really applied for other jobs to be honest, not until now. First I thought that I would try to find Zumba jobs only, but I haven't really found anything. People only need me to cover. Anyway, yesterday I started to apply for other jobs as well. Waitress, translator, guide... I really need something.
Hmm I don't think I have anything else to say. I've felt really tired these last days, so I haven't studied as much as I should have. Tomorrow is a new day, sleepy girl checking out.


I really have started to like London more lately. I've got some great friends in Uni now that we all start to know each other, and most subjects are interesting so it feels good going to school. The problem has been stress, as usual. I knew we were going to have a lot to do here, but the structure has been crazy and sometimes we have four assignments that need to be handed in the same week.
Yesterday I passed away in public, on a parking lot. It was the most embarrasing thing I've ever been through, and I'm trying to figure out if stress can be the only reason for something like this to happen. I was so lucky that three strangers helped me, and I was just sitting in front of them, crying in panic. They gave me water, calmed me down and then drove me all the way home. I feel so lucky, and words can't describe how thankful I am.
Last night was a struggle. I think I hurt my back when I fell, so I couldn't undress or put the sheets in bed properly (Ellis wasn't home so he couldn't help me). Today I feel better but still in a lot of pain, and I haven't slept much. I decided to stay home from school, and this (of course) stresses me as well.
I'm already lost when it comes to accounting, and now I'll get even more lost. But I guess there's nothing I can do about it right now... Thank God Ellis took the first train home from his friend this morning, soon he's here. <3

Tired and uninspired. 

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