Nothing Was The Same

First week of University is over. My schedule is perfect, I'm in Monday-Wednesday 09.00-15.00, and Thursday 12.00-15.00. I'm studying five subjects: Business, Accounting, Hospitality, Study Skills and Management, and then I have extra classes in Maths and English. Maths and Accounting will definitely be my biggest struggle this year, but I think it's only the first term that we have those subjects. After a year I get a SQA Diploma, and if I wish to continue I can study two more years and get a degree. 
There are people from all around the world in my class: Japan, Holland, Brazil, Italy, Jamaica, Ghana, Nepal, Pakistan are just some of them. And then we have the Swedish Clan. I think we are maybe 6-7 Swedes, and I got to know some of the girls. The class is small, I think we are 25 or something, but I kind of like it.

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