Exams & Birthdays

Hi fellas.
If I only wrote on here a little more often I probably could avoid this two hour posts that you have to go through.I don't know why I never have time to update, but it's just a lot of other stuff that feels more important, and I'm still thinking about starting a Swedish blog again so it doesn't feel necessary to write anymore. At the same time I have so much to say. I have always liked writing, will always do.
Last Friday we finally moved. After all the problems, stress and sleepless nights I felt like I was in heaven when we finally got the keys to our new house. It's an old victorian house made into four apartments, and we have the top floor. There is a living room, kitchen, bedroom and a large bathroom. We also have one little room as extra space to store things. The day after we moved I went to Sweden, and I'm still here so I'll show you pictures once I'm back home again.However, I'm really happy with the new place and it really feels like a huge problem has been solved.
As soon as I came to Sweden I got a bad flu. I can't breathe, taste food or sleep... nothing really works. At the same time I need to study for the exams so bad, as they are taking place next week. Yesterday I started to realise how much it is that we have to know, and how impossible it is to learn all that. First of all we don't have time to find all the information, and second... how are we supposed to remember it all? It just doesn't work. Today I'm gonna try to sort out what's most important and then study from there.
I've spent a few evenings with my friend Sara. On Saturday night she came over for a couple of hours, and yesterday we went to the cinema and had a sleepover. I've also had some relatives over this weekend since it's my birthday on Friday. I can't believe I'm gonna be 23! Feels like I was 16 only weeks ago... Anyway, Sara got me really nice Hello Kitty headphones and then I got some belly dance things that she was supposed to give me like last summer but always forgot, haha :)
From my dance studio I got a free class which I'm really happy for! I missed class this week and  will miss another when we go to Estonia. Luckily I could reschedule those weeks, so I can take double classes the weeks after. This Saturday I'm supposed to go to a workshop with Hossam & Serena Ramzy(!) so I really hope this flu goes away before that.
Next week I am going for a job interview! I applied for a reception job at a dance studio, and they emailed me last night and said that hundreds of people applied, but that they were happy with my CV and wanted me to come for a short interview. If I get through the short one I'll get invited to a longer and more detailed interview... They will see mayeb 20 people, and only one gets the job so I guess my chances aren't too good, but I'm gonna do my best!


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