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Okay, so term two started off with a Management class yesterday and Business and Finance today. I barely understood the introduction on Finance as I left for work after only 45 minutes, but I'll try to catch up by reading the course books for next week. 
A few years ago when I was still teaching in Sweden I thought about opening up my own dance business. I don't mean that I was going to build my own studio and have it as a full time career, but just have my own classes and rent a place. It would have given me both more money, and given me the right to decide everything. Anyway, the thing is that I've started to think about doing this again, here in London! If I would rent a studio maybe in a school, a few hours a week and maybe have jazz classes for children and zumba for adults?
Ellis is really good at making websites, and I think I'm gonna start off with that. When the website id up I would need some pictures and videos up there, and those I could work on this spring. Ellis is studying digital film production so he could help me with that as well. His mum (who has her own yoga courses) and one of my teachers in uni could help me with all the legal things, and then I could start advertisinc at the end of the summer and start classes in September. How good isn't that? We'll see what happens, but I think this would be a good way of financing my living here :) 
Tomorrow morning we're leaving for Tallinn and Simple Sessions. Before that I wanted to show you the crazy selfie thing that we (okay: that I) started! I'm gonna collect selfies and make a collage......

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Åh, tänk så otroligt häftigt det hade varit, och jag tror att det hade varit helt perfekt för dig! :D Och du vet att jag alltid hejar på dig och stöttar dig här ifrån Varberg min sköna böna! :*

2014-03-03 @ 17:11:33

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