Dance and Memories

Somebody who always supports me and shows me that she is there for me is a girl I just to teach dance to. Something that really makes me impressed is when these people who I know has been through a lot still has the energy to be there for others, who almost want to fix your problems even though they have much more serious things on their minds. When I felt stressed the most,she talked me through it,and she also sent me a link of a video. The video was recorded a few years ago, when I still used to teach dance in my home town. I still think the girls were amazing (it was only semester three!), but I don't know how good my coreography skills were, haha. However, I've watched this video over and over again. It puts a smile on my face and wants to make me cry. It was the best job I ever had, it was the nicest group ever and we really had that family feeling. I miss you girls, and I really hope to see all of you again at some point :)
I would have posted the video here, if it didn't say error -.- :)

Postat av: Marre

Asså jag döör! Ååååh vad jag saknar den tiden! :') tänk att det var du som lärde mej dansa från start, är så glad över det! Saknar dej massor!!! Puss! :*

2014-02-05 @ 22:24:49

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