Long time, no see. 

I've been really busy with Uni work lately. We get two assignments every week, and we also have a lot of reading to do. Our first two essays has to be submitted next week, so I've been working on those almost every day. 

I have also been to a job interview and a Zumba audition. Both these places seems to be good gyms, and I already know that I passed my audition and they put me on the cover list. And also, I have that other Zumba job starting in November. Only a couple of weeks left. 

I'm on my way to Uni, and later today Ellis and I are flying to Sweden! I have never been excited about going back to Sweden before, but this time I'm really excited. I just can't wait to see my parents and friends. We already have every day planned, and I just feel so happy about going home. 

Nothing Was The Same

First week of University is over. My schedule is perfect, I'm in Monday-Wednesday 09.00-15.00, and Thursday 12.00-15.00. I'm studying five subjects: Business, Accounting, Hospitality, Study Skills and Management, and then I have extra classes in Maths and English. Maths and Accounting will definitely be my biggest struggle this year, but I think it's only the first term that we have those subjects. After a year I get a SQA Diploma, and if I wish to continue I can study two more years and get a degree. 
There are people from all around the world in my class: Japan, Holland, Brazil, Italy, Jamaica, Ghana, Nepal, Pakistan are just some of them. And then we have the Swedish Clan. I think we are maybe 6-7 Swedes, and I got to know some of the girls. The class is small, I think we are 25 or something, but I kind of like it.

Bicycle Film Festival

I started university last Friday. My class is pretty small (at least compared to Swedish universities) and there's people   from all around the world. We listened to the teachers who spoke about the course and how much we're gonna have to study... We also got our books, and today we have our first lectures! 

On Saturday Ellis and I went to Bicycle Film Festival. We watched two films, BMX and Urban Bikes. I couldn't even imagine that films like that could be interesting, but they really were. 

Also, we have booked tickets to Sweden! Wednesday night to Sunday morning in a couple of weeks! :) It's gonna be great to see my family and friends again. 

Uni Girl

I almost started University yesterday. I mean, I went there for registration. I was there maybe for an hour, and I met my first (and so far, my only) friend. A Chinese guy, the only person who was there at the same time as I was. We tried to talk a little, but because of different accents it was hard to understand each other. Tomorrow I have my induction day, and then the real deal starts on Monday.
These last days I've also: tried English ginger bread men (don't do it, it's nothing like real pepparkakor), tried Dancehall at pineapple, bought a membership in the dance studio, and been shopping with Ellis. I bought a Winter coat, some dance clothes, and just some basic stuff. This is probably the only time I'm buying clothes this year, unless I get rich while studying.

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