I'm struggling so much with Uni work right now.I have been working so hard on everything lately, really tried to do my best, but I just end up with bad results anyway. My biggest problem is the language I think. I mean, I don't have any problems understanding at classes or anything, but when we have to do our assignments I misunderstand what we are supposed to do sometimes, and when I'm Writing my work there are always some details that I miss to write because I didn't understand them in my research. I knew it was going to hard, English was one of my weakest subjects in school, but I didn't know it would be this hard. I got some good grades, but when I get these bad ones it's like a slap in the face. So much time, so much efford, but it's just not good enough.
I know complaining won't help at all, I just have to do it better next time. But what happens if it stays like that? I feel so disappointed of myself, which makes me lose motivation and writing the next one becomes harder. It's like I'm scared of writing anything at all, because I keep thinking that it's probably gonna be wrong. A couple of weeks ago I started to think about doing a degree, which means I'd have to study for two more years after this diploma. How am I gonna manage that if what I do just isn't enough?
Right now I'm just trying not to think too much. In Three weeks we'll have our christmas break, and a week before that my mama is coming. And before that Ellis and I have our anniversary! Which means, that's next week. December 5th is our day, but since I just started working last week I can't take a day off already, so we just decided that we're gonna celebrate it on Friday 6th instead. Friday is always better than Thursday.
Speaking of Fridays. This Friday I have a job interview! Like I wrote a couple of days ago, I applied for a waitress job, and they phoned me today. First they asked some questions over the phone, and then invited me to a three hour interview(!) on Friday. She sent me an email with the dresscode, so I had to go shopping today, haha. We have to wear formal black trousers, and a long sleeved white shirt. I have never been to a job interview this serious, haha. I probably haven't even worn a shirt.... Well, we'll se how that goes.

Postat av: Anna

Ååh vännen! Jag vet att det är jag lovar fortsätter du kämpa så kommer det ge resultat. Jag finns här och kan hjälpa dig om du vill <3

Svar: Tack Anna, du är så bra <3

2013-11-30 @ 23:12:52

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