Stressed Out

Apparently we are going to get the house, but the guy who has moved out from there still needs to sign some papers before the landlord can give it to us. I really want to think that we are getting it, but since things didn't work out last time I don't want to get too excited. The guy who was supposed to move in here this weekend was okay with moving in next week instead, so now we really have to leave soon. I really hope they phone us on Monday and that we can move in that week.
On Monday I am going to Beckenham to teach a Zumba class. I applied for a job there and they invited me to a trial. I hope everything goes well, because it looks like I will be teaching two classes a week if I get the job. That would mean that I have a total of three classes every week, which is good Money. And money is exactly what I need since we're moving to a lot more expensive place than this.
This weekend I'm just studying. I have so much uni work to do. Assignments to hand in, a portfolio to complete and mock exams to study for. Luckily I have a bellydance class tomorrow, it's gonna be nice doing something else and just not think for a while.


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