I seriously can't cope with this stress anymore. I haven't really had time to write on here for a while, but let's just say that nothing has changed. We're having so many problems with the new flat, and if they aren't sorted by Friday we just can't move in. Then it goes to somebody else. It's really hard to be young, or at least a student, in London. The prices are stupidly high, and you only get to rent if you've got rich parents or a lot of money saved. We'll see how this goes. Once again they have given us a move in date, but who knows what's gonna come up now.
I'm doing worse in uni of course. I'm having stomach pains and headaches all the time, and can't really focus on uni work. The exams are coming up in two weeks and while everybody else is doing really good on the mock exams, I can't even write enough words. I'm starting to believe in Maslow's hierarchy of needs, when you don't feel good physically nothing else works either.
School has always been pretty easy for me, I was never an A kid, but I passed everything. Now I'm sure that I'm gonna fail accounting, and it doesn't matter how many videos I watch, how much I read or try to understand, numbers just isn't my thing. And I need to pass to get to year 2 and 3. I need to.
Sorry for complaining all the time. It's time for a new me soon, when I'm ready.

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FAST, jag hörde att ni flyttar in idag, så GRATTIS SNYGGING! Gjorde ett litet inlägg till dig på bloggen som jag tror du blir glad av :*

2014-01-31 @ 16:24:02
URL: http://ettlivibilder.webblogg.se

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