Belly Dance <3

Monday morning and we still haven't heard anything. The good thing is that when they last phoned us it was around lunchtime, so they might not even be open until 11 am or something. If they don't phone us, we will have to contact them and say that we need the contract signed, otherwise we'll have to get our deposit back and find something else. And they probably don't want to give it back, so they have to fix it.
The weekend went fast.and I really enjoyed my belly dance class yesterday. Last week I wasn't feeling good and my whole body was swollen, and I was mad at myself for not doing better. This week was the opposite, everything just made sense and worked out well. I'm gonna miss two classes: one because I'm in Sweden, and the other one when we're in Estonia for Simple Session. The night Before our show I'm in Birmingham to see Drake, but we might go home early the day after so I can do the show. I started to look at costumes on the belly dance school's website. I really wonder what we're gonna wear... Hopefully something red or pink, those colours make me look not as pale as I am haha.


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