Mama <3

It's been raining all day, which has given me time to apply for jobs. I found Three that wasn't too far away from where we're gonna live, all of them in gyms/health centers. The application forms for these jobs have been so long, with loads of questions and like seven pages. I'm so happy to have Ellis to help me. Not only with this, but he supports me in everything all the time. I'm so lucky.
I also skyped my mum for the first time today. I miss her already! She said how proud she is, how proud my relatives are and that I'm really brave. Isn't it Amazing how much words can mean? She really made my day, my little mama. And it makes it all a little easier, I mean to have the support.
Well, now I'm gonna go to bed and wait for my baby to get home. We have a half movie to watch, haha. We watched the first half last night, and then we fell asleep.


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