England Life

Ellis is working this rainy weekend so I'm looking for jobs and working on my Zumba program. I have already found a Zumba job, so now I'm really motivated. It is only temporary with one class a week from November to January, but it's better than nothing! And they pay £25/hour, which is really good. I was scared to death speaking English on the phone for the first time when my future manager called me, but now I know I can do it!
I feel like things are going well right now. I've got a job, a bank account, a phone, an adress, we've been to Ikea, I found a bike.. And btw, today we got our locks to our bikes. Ellis ordered some super expensive and supposed-to-be-good-locks, so that our bikes won't get stolen.
But the most important thing though: We are together! I still can't Believe this long distance relationship actually is over. It feels so good to have this safety, not feeling stressed and thinking about that one of us has to go back home soon. I've felt so good since I came here. We really are good for each other.
I went to see him at work earlier today. Usually he's working on the counters making pizza and stuff,but now he had an extra shift walking around the shop with this sign! Hahaha, easy money. :)


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