Morning fellaws.
Before I start telling you about our anniversary I just have to say that everything that is done in London for Nelson Mandela is beautiful. First we went to the Nelson Mandela Statue and Trafalgar Square to see how amazing it looked with all the flowers,pictures and notes that people came to put there. Media was everywhere, taking pictures and interviewing people. I have so much respect for Mandela, and he really is an inspiration. A legend never dies.
With that said, I'm gonna tell you about our anniversary. We had such a nice day yesterday, why can't it be anniversary more than once a year? The weather was really cold but sunny, and we spent the day in central London. First we visited Winter Wonderland, and I really got this cosy christmas feeling that makes me want it to be christmas even more now. We thought about buying mulled wine, but ended up in a Mexican restaurant instead. The food was amazing and the staff were really nice. I'm lucky that both Ellis and I enjoy mexican food, it's probably our favourite.
The whole day was just so cosy and nice, and I had a special warm feeling all day. We got each other little presents and heart shaped candy. Ellis framed a picture of us that we can have in our room, and surprised me with flowers, I really am a lucky girl.
Tonight I'm starting my new job, and I'm really nervous. I thought I'd have somebody to walk next to during my first shifts, but now it only looks like there will be somebody that I can ask things, but I'll be working more or less on my own. It's a big christmas event with hundreds of people, and I'm so scared that I'm gonna mess up. I guess it's normal to be nervous though. I'm happy I have three days of work now, so I really learn how to do everything.


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