99 Problems

Before I started to work in a shop I actually thought that people didn't steel as much as they do. It really happens every day, all the time. Yesterday a woman came inside, took some beers and just walked out. What is wrong with people like that? Some even steel when they come in with their children, what good examples.

In Sweden you always have to pay 1 SEK extra for the bottle when you buy a drink, and then if you return the bottle you get it back. Anyway, this really is a problem, tourists never want to pay it. They start to ask if they can have it back now instead of returning it. Eh, the point is that you're gonna return it... Same thing with plastic bags! You have to pay 2 SEK and they complain and say that they don't have to pay in their own countries. Well, if it's a problem you can just bring your own bag. And it's good for the enviornment, why start bitchin about it?

And then there's just odd people. Yesterday a guy came in and asked for my number. 'I've seen you here a lot (well I work here, I'm not surprised you have), you look so beautiful, can I get your number? I want to take you out'. He smelt bad and wore dirty clothes, what did he think? Also, there's a man who always speaks French to me. I don't know if he thinks that I understand him, I just say 'yeah yeah' to everything.

Working in a shop might sound horrible now, but it actually is okay! Most people are really nice and we recognize so many of them because they keep coming back. I can't believe that I only have 3 shifts left, in 6 hours I'll only have 2.


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