Greenwich Park

We spent our Sunday morning in Greenwich Park. It smelt like a fresh autumn morning and I can't wait for the leaves to turn yellow and red. The weather changes so much right now. One day is really cold, and the next day you can go out wearing only a t-shirt. 
Today we're doing our weekly food shopping, and tomorrow I'm going to the dance studio. My second class is going to be dancehall, very interesting! I also need to prepare for university, I'm starting on Wednesday.

Lost In My Own World

I must admit that it is hard when you move to a new country. You're trying to replace everything you had at home with something new, but it just doesn't work like that. Some days I really love being here, and then somedays I miss home (or everything I had at home) so much. I'm either really happy or really sad, there isn't anything between those two. It feels like I'm just trying to get down on earth, but I keep failing all the time. 
The last few days I've been sad. Ellis started Uni, he has some friends already, which makes me more lonely. I mean, I'm really really happy for him (of course I am!), but since I don't know anyone yet I feel lonely. I miss being able to call a friend and go for a walk, fika or just sit and watch Top Model and Housewives of O.C. On the other hand I'm starting on Wednesday, and I'm sure things will get easier when I have something to do, something that will keep me busy. 
Yesterday was an amazing day. I was home alone so I decided to go to Pineapple Dance Studios. I haven't been dancing since... I can't even remember! I was belly dancing not too long ago, but I haven't done any other styles for years. Anyway... I went to this jazz class, chose the level 'general' and thought it couldn't be too hard. I thought wrong. First of all, I don't have any muscles anywhere! We were supposed to lift our legs and do jumps and turns and I was a mess... Also, everyone at my class were dressed up in real dance suits and I just had my running clothes, so I couldn't even pretend that I knew what I was doing, haha.
The class was an hour, and the teacher didn't talk at all. The music was on all the time, no explination about anything... it was hard! At the same time I had tears in my eyes, not because I was sad, but because I've missed dancing so much. And I was disappointed at myself for not doing it earlier. Dance is one of those things that always makes me feels good. It has always been like that, and probably always will. I'm looking at the timetable all the time, trying to plan what classes to go to, thinking that I am brave enough to go, changing my mind and thinking that I'm not, and then looking at other classes. Over and over again. 
Today I woke up with pain everywhere. I went for a run(!) in the morning so that I could stretch and hopefully be in less pain. Since I came to England I've been exercising a lot more. Ellis loves bikes and bike rides, so we go out a lot with our bikes. We also walk every day, sometimes for hours. Now I'm preparing Zumba and hopefully teaching soon, and if I'm also starting to dance again I will definitely have enough exercise.

Baking Day

Period Monster

My boy really knows how to make a sad girl on her period happy again. 


I'm still alive. We've had a lot of problems with the internet so I haven't been able to write on here. I still can't use my own laptop, but Ellis has one that the internet works on, and I also have 3G on my phone. 

The last couple of weeks I've been feeling a little tired. I'm somewhere close to have a cold, but it doesn't really break out. I started to take vitamins, garlic and Omega3 a couple of weeks ago, and I hope that will save me from getting sick.   

I have paid my course now, and I'm starting next week. It's gonna be nice to finally do something again, meet some people and use my brain, haha. 

The weather is nice, mostly sunny and the days can be pretty hot. Yesterday I was wearing only a t-shirt, but I think it's gonna get colder soon. 

Getting Started

We've been here for almost a week now. Ellis started University already, I'm starting next week. We've located our food shop, found out how to get to Uni, went for an interview/application for National Insurance, and later this week I'm going to see the gym where I'm starting to have Zumba classes in November. 


Yesterday was such a long day. We woke up already at seven, and started to drive towards London as soon as we were ready. We stopped once to have coffee, and we arrived to London around 1 a.m. Our flatmates are Irish and I can't really understand what they say. Our room is pretty small but we still managed to fit all our stuff. 

You & Me

Knowing that whatever happens, we'll always have each other, is a good feeling. 

Getting Ready

Even though the weather was pretty bad, I had a really good day. We went to Taunton (a 'town' pretty close to here) and bought some more things for London. It feels like it doesn't matter how much we buy, there's still always something missing. Today we got some things for baking. It's kanelbullens dag (the cinnamon bun day...) in a couple of weeks, and we really can't miss that. Feels good to be prepared... We also got some cookbooks with healthy/special food, good for us since we're allergic/picky and half vegetarians. Or at least I am.

Rösta i kyrkovalet!

Keeping it Clean

Since Ellis is working today too, I decided to walk to Bridgwater. I had no plans of buying anything, but ended up with loads of stuff anyway. I mean, we might want to clean as soon as we get to our new place, if the people before us haven't done it well enough... And who knows if we might need scissors on our first day! Haha.

England Life

Ellis is working this rainy weekend so I'm looking for jobs and working on my Zumba program. I have already found a Zumba job, so now I'm really motivated. It is only temporary with one class a week from November to January, but it's better than nothing! And they pay £25/hour, which is really good. I was scared to death speaking English on the phone for the first time when my future manager called me, but now I know I can do it!
I feel like things are going well right now. I've got a job, a bank account, a phone, an adress, we've been to Ikea, I found a bike.. And btw, today we got our locks to our bikes. Ellis ordered some super expensive and supposed-to-be-good-locks, so that our bikes won't get stolen.
But the most important thing though: We are together! I still can't Believe this long distance relationship actually is over. It feels so good to have this safety, not feeling stressed and thinking about that one of us has to go back home soon. I've felt so good since I came here. We really are good for each other.
I went to see him at work earlier today. Usually he's working on the counters making pizza and stuff,but now he had an extra shift walking around the shop with this sign! Hahaha, easy money. :)


Last night we went to a club that was supposed to be really bad. The reason we were going was basically that there's no other places here. Anyway, the place was full of girls who looked like prostitutes and boys who loved themselves a little too much, but I still thought the place was okay. They played a lot of music that I like so I was happy. 


We went to a BBQ a couple days ago, and that was when I realised that the summer really is over. It was sunny on our way there, and Ellis thought about wearing shorts. Thank God he didn't, because as soon as we came there the sun disappeared, the wind got really cold and I was freezing for hours. Also, since I don't like meat much I didn't really have anything to eat. At least I finally met Ellis' friends.
Yesterday we went to Ikea. We bought sheets, a duvet, pillows, pans, plates, other kitchen stuff... Yeah, almost everything we needed. We're still missing a mattress for guests, and sheets for that, but that will be easy to get in London. It's only a week left now. I wonder how small our room is gonna be... Because we really have loads of stuff.


I love how beautiful it looks here. The evenings are the best! Today we went for a long walk after a late dinner.

Sep. 08, 2013

Sär skrivning

Mama <3

It's been raining all day, which has given me time to apply for jobs. I found Three that wasn't too far away from where we're gonna live, all of them in gyms/health centers. The application forms for these jobs have been so long, with loads of questions and like seven pages. I'm so happy to have Ellis to help me. Not only with this, but he supports me in everything all the time. I'm so lucky.
I also skyped my mum for the first time today. I miss her already! She said how proud she is, how proud my relatives are and that I'm really brave. Isn't it Amazing how much words can mean? She really made my day, my little mama. And it makes it all a little easier, I mean to have the support.
Well, now I'm gonna go to bed and wait for my baby to get home. We have a half movie to watch, haha. We watched the first half last night, and then we fell asleep.

It's all about money

Life felt so easy today. I got my bank card, managed to put some money on it, got my simcard to my UK phone (which means I can finally start sending my CV to places! :), and the weather went from being really grey to warm and sunny. I went to see Ellis at work where he was making pizzas, and he made us two to have later tonight.
Well, everything went so well until I was going to pay. My (new!) card which I had used only an hour earlier, didn't wanna work. They asked me if I had Another card, no I didn't. They asked me if I was sure that I had money on it, yes I was. I really hate when things like that happens, you just stand there, feeling awkward. Anyway, after maybe 15 minutes it finally worked. I'm gonna be so scared to go shopping now, haha.
Ellis, a couple days ago


I'm starting to feel extremely stressed about this London thing. I just realised that I don't have a job, so I've been looking all day. If you're a Zumba instructor you can get up to £25/hour, and if you work in a shop or coffeeplace you get £6/hours. Haha, I definitely know what I would do if I could choose! Less work for more money... I still haven't applied for any jobs since my SIM-card never arrives. But at least I e-mailed one place today. They needed Swedish teachers, and even though I'm not a teacher I thought it could be worth a try.
Another thing that stresses me is the place where we're gonna live. Last year in Spain I learnt that shared apartments really aren't anything for me. This time it's even worse. Shared apartments with only young people, probably a lot younger than me. I just wish I had my own private place. But there's not much I can do about it now. One year. Only one year...


My New Bike

When I told Ellis' mum that I was looking for a bike, she found me one already the next day. A man at the college she works at sold it, and I got it for £25. I haven't had a bike since I was 12, so I'm excited. We already went for bike rides today :)

Beauty Shop

Sara always used to say that I had so many skin/hair products so I could have my own beauty shop. When I moved here I couldn't really take much with me, so I started to get things for my new beauty shop today. I also bought 2 books, and I have an English bank account! 



We had such a nice day today. We started off with going to a place called Street where they had loads of different shops. I had no plans of buying anythinh, but ended up with a big bag from The Body Shop. I bought a handcream I wanted for long, some shower gel for London, skincare for Ellis, and a birthday or Christmas present to my mum! I know I'm way to early, but this kit was on sale and I really thought about her when I saw it. At least I won't have to think about it later, haha :)

We also went to Glastonbury. They had small and very different shops, all smelling like candles and meditation. They were all pretty much the same, but it was really cosy to walk around there.


I can't believe it's September already. Summer went so quick, and it's not long until Christmas. I already decided that I'm going to Sweden for Christmas, and then Ellis probably comes for New Years.

Anyway, today we're going somewhere (I really can't remember the name haha) with Ellis' mum. A place close to Glastonbury where they have shops I think... Later!

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