Home Sweet Home

A couple of days ago I was swaering over the rain in England, thought that is has never been that bad in Sweden in December. I landed in Stockholm on Friday evening, the weather was horrible... almost worse than in London.
As soon as I came back home, all the stress that I've been carrying for weeks just disappeared. Mum has been cooking for me, we've been watching tv and just talked about nothing and everything. Last night I went to see Tugce, one of my closest friends and we had a really nice time together. I fell asleep in her super comfortable bed, and when we woke up this morning she made me breakfast. Everything is so nice at home.
I do miss my boy though. It's crazy how empty it can feel not having him here. We had long distance for such a long time and were used to not seeing each other for weeks, but now that we've been living together it's weird suddenly being on my own.


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